Welcome to Williams & Co

Hand-crafted cricket bats to suit every style of play

100% Handmade in Melbourne

Using the finest English willow

We are..

proud to bring you the best willow in the world.

We are a cricket bat manufacturing company based in Melbourne, Australia. Every bat made in our workshop has been meticulously crafted with great passion and care. We believe that purchasing a cricket bat is an investment not just a purchase, so you can rely on these bats for many years!

Our willow is sourced locally in Victoria as well as the UK.
All of our bats are all traditionally made using techniques that date back hundreds of years.

Lucas Williams, Owner and Lead Batmaker

Hey, Lucas here! Thank you for visiting Williams & Co Cricket. We hope you find what you're looking for and are satisfied with our handmade cricket bats. You can follow us on our social linked at the bottom of this page. But for now please enjoy this snippet of the bat shaping process. To find out more visit about us. Hope you enjoy my website.


Thanks Lucas for a stunning looking and great feel bat. Highly recommended with on the spot service and great customer service. Truly a stunning piece of craftsmanship with many runs to come. Can't thank you enough.

Mick, Melbourne

I would highly recommend you get your next bat made from Lucas. With the highest quality willow and attention to detail he does everything he can to make a bat that suits your personal needs. Williams & Co are by far the best value for money on the market.

Ray, Melbourne

Lucas is a wonderfully skilled and knowledgeable bat maker! He goes above and beyond and always works towards your needs! Highly recommend Williams and co for a high quality English Willow cricket bat!

Ben, Melbourne