Keeping traditional bat making alive

Williams & Co is all about making the very best cricket bats for the everyday cricketer. For those that want sensational quality and something that has been totally handmade then we are the makers for you. Our bats stand up to the best bat makers in the world! Our attention to detail is clear in the overall finish of the bat. Once you pick up, see and feel a Williams & Co cricket bat you won’t want anything else.

Here at Williams & Co we are very proud to be keeping traditional cricket bat making alive. Traditional bat making is a craft that is slowly dying due to mass production of cricket bats. Williams & Co is breaking that trend. We are proud of the fact that we are able to bring you the best quality English willow in the world, and we truly mean that. Every cricket bat made in the Williams & Co workshop is 100% hand made regardless of the grade of willow. Our willow is sourced both from the UK from our very reputable supplier who supplies only the finest quality willow, and from here in Victoria from local willow farmers. 

The Batmakers Story:

Hi! I’m Lucas Williams, I am the proud owner of Williams & Co and Lead Batmaker here at my workshop in suburban Melbourne. My bats are all meticulously handcrafted and are made to last for many years. I also run a highly-regarded repair business.

I first fell in love with the game at a very young age through my Father and Uncle. I used to love watching them play and also practising hitting the ball as far as I could. When the time came and I was old enough to play, I joined my local club. So I went ahead and bought the gear. I remember spending an hour choosing a cricket bat, there was just so many to choose from it was overwhelming. I had the bat knocked in and oiled, I absolutely adored it, my mum said that I would fall asleep with the bat beside me in bed. Every year after that it became a ritual to get a new bat for the start of the season.

As I got older I became more intrigued with the bat making process. I watched videos and videos, and it wasn't until I turned 21 that I wanted to make my very own. It took me a few weeks to source a part made bat which eventually I got from India, I had basic tools like a planer and sander and with that I made my first bat. I have been making cricket bats on and off ever since, and as of 2019 manufacturing cricket bats is my full-time career. Like most things this did not happen overnight and I faced several challenges, the biggest being finding a good quality willow supplier that had not been dried out in either India or Pakistan. At the start of 2019 I got in contact with one of Melbourne’s prolific batmakers in Lachlan Fisher.  I knew that he had planted various trees around Victoria so with that I went to his property in Lismore, Victoria. I spent a good couple of hours with him and we had struck a deal with supply. I also use a range of other suppliers from Victoria and as well as the UK. 

The aim of my business is to provide every cricketer whether you're playing for your country or your local club with the very best handmade cricket bats money can buy. Every bat that i make regardless of the grade is crafted to the absolute best of my ability. When customers visit my workshop I am able to explain and demonstrate each stage of their bats lifecycle which is very important to me and I believe it adds lots of value to my customers. It’s very important to me to keep these traditions alive and make sure that every bat that leaves my workshop is of the best quality.