Bat care

Caring for your bat


Oiling is essential to the longevity of your cricket bat. It seals the existing moisture inside your bat and stops it from becoming too dry. It prevents the bat from cracking, splitting and/or breaking. Raw linseed oil is the correct oil that must be used. Simply apply a teaspoon of oil onto your bat, rub the oil all over the bat using your hand or a dry cloth. Once the oil is rubbed in simply wipe the excess oil off using a dry rag. I suggest oiling a cricket bat immediately after purchase.


Knocking in your newly purchased cricket bat is a must do procedure. You will need to purchase a knocking in mallet to perform this critical process. 

With your mallet simply start by gently tapping your cricket bat from the toe of the bat all the way up to the splice. You will need to do this process for around 2 hours, slowly striking the bat harder and harder as you go on. You may start to see little dents in the bat as you hold it up to the light, this is totally fine, then all you need to do is align all the dints up so that the bat face is flat. Once you have aligned the dents up and have been hitting your bat with the mallet for over 2 hours its time to move onto hitting some catches with an old cricket ball. Once you have completed around an hour of catches move on to some harder throw downs in the nets. Keep checking your bat for cricket ball seam marks, if seam marks have appeared you will need to revert back to the mallet for further hitting. Once you have completed around an hour of throw downs and there is no seam marks on your bat then you can use your bat for some bowling with an old ball, do this for further hour. If no seam marks appear you are right to go and the bat is ready to use.


Extratec or antiscuff facing are a great way to protect the face of your cricket bat. The plastic facing hips reduce cracks and splits in the face of your cricket bat. I apply these with every bat purchase.


I highly recommend getting your bat in for a service/clean up after every cricket season. Here at Williams & Co we service and repair any damage caused to the cricket bat. By servicing your bat each year you will extend the life of your cricket bat.